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The Transition From #JusticeForSSR to #JusticeForKangana & #JusticeForRepublic

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

By Aashish Kumar Shrivastava

Do you remember the time when we received the news of the sad demise of our beloved actor Sushant Singh Rajput? Probably none of us were ready to believe that such a pleasant personality will die by suicide due to being depressed (allegedly).

The media channels who claim to be dedicated to the nation came to the rescue and tried hard to prove that Sushant was depressed due to the nepotism in Bollywood which 'apparently' does not allow outsiders to grow as an actor.

National Award winner Ms. Kangana Ranaut became Sushant’s voice and the voice for Justice in this cause and became the center of all these events. But it was not before Sushant's ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande came forward demanding 'JusticeforSSR'.

The majority of us were more than furious then that, due to nepotism, real talent is being suppressed and killed. People expressed their opinions freely about this on social media and threatened, as well as were planning to organize protests.

As the nepotism angle started to unfold, Movie Mafias were now being blamed for Sushant’s death while Kangana still being the voice for Justice. Surprisingly though, the voice for Justice used this chance to revive her career and maybe pave a way to start her political career.

Then we got the news by the same media that Sushant was murdered and he didn’t die by suicide. In order to back these arguments, a news channel took this to a next level by telecasting a skit to show how an autopsy is conducted. The moment of truth arrived and these media channels proved without any legal procedures that Rhea Chakraborty played a major role in Sushant’s murder and was even stealing his money.

How can such a big case go without any stereotype, right? Since Rhea was Bengali therefore, the angle of Black Magic was inserted in the frame and now suddenly Rhea was known as a witch who used Black Magic to destroy Sushant mentally. People did not stop at this. Since supernatural elements were already involved so a few so-called Paranormalists claimed that they were able to communicate with Sushant’s spirit. Our beloved media helped these people by telecasting such events.

How heartless can you be to take advantage of a person’s death just to get some money and fame? The inhumaneness did not stop here because now the real game starts i.e., Politics. Politics on someone’s death. That’s the level of Indian Politics. Since the Bihar state elections were coming up and ministers didn’t have any strong point to talk on so, Sushant’s death became the point for them to have a debate on and make statements on. Suddenly Sushant became the Son of Bihar and political posters were made with Sushant’s face on them.

Republic TV held more than 25 debates on topics related to Sushant’s death and coincidentally they also became the number 1 channel in terms of TRP(Television Rating Point). Now, if you are not aware of what happens when a channel ranks number 1 in terms of TRP then we will help you out with it. When a channel tops the TRP chart then, the price for advertisements on that channel hit sky high. As the cost of advertisements rises so will the revenue of that channel. Again, we are not implying anything at all here, we’re just saying that Republic TV became number 1 coincidentally.

Even now we don’t have any solid answers as to why or how did our beloved superstar die. We the innocent people are still waiting for justice whereas individuals, associations, news channels, politicians, etc. got a huge advantage in all these events. Ultimately it’s us who are the losers and they are the winners because they are smart enough to twist and turn any topic to their advantage.

If you still believe that the media channels or the politicians or the actors, etc. who have spoken in this matter are going to bring the truth out in public then you might get a little disappointed. In my opinion, all of them are working for their own benefits and not for us or to work ethically and uncover the truth. I understand that we feel very connected to Sushant but, we also have to realize that there are other issues too that our country is facing like the spike in corona positive cases per day, fall of GDP, Indo-China border tension, etc. We have to look at those concerns as well because even they are important.

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