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HexoMeter: The Best AI Tool To Optimize Website Performance

Updated: Apr 7

Websites are now the foundation of all businesses, organizations, and people in the modern digital world. They are the primary source of information for customers, clients, and visitors, playing a crucial role in enabling online transactions, bolstering brand recognition, and fostering organizational growth.

As such, it is imperative to ensure that websites are user-friendly, accessible, and high-performing. Issues such as website downtime, slow loading speeds, broken links, and other glitches can lead to loss of customers, revenue, and credibility.

In response to these challenges, website monitoring tools like HexoMeter offer invaluable assistance in maintaining optimal website performance and functionality.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding HexoMeter

  2. The Primary Features of HexoMeter

  3. The Advantages of Using HexoMeter

  4. How Can You Begin Working With HexoMeter?

  5. Conclusion


Understanding HexoMeter

HexoMeter is an AI tool for tracking and analyzing website performance, uptime, and security. It is a cloud-based solution that employs advanced monitoring techniques to find problems and immediately notify website owners and IT administrators. The tool assists website owners and developers in achieving this by offering them comprehensive data and analytics that enable them to detect and resolve problems swiftly. HexoMeter can imitate user interactions to test the functions of websites while monitoring them from various geographical locations.

HexoMeter is a valuable tool for monitoring websites because it has several capabilities. To ensure that websites are accessible to users, it first tracks website uptime. It promptly notifies administrators if a website goes down or becomes inaccessible for any reason, including server problems, network issues, or other concerns. It also gauges how quickly websites load on various platforms and regions. It offers suggestions for enhancing user experience and website speed.

HexoMeter offers multi-user access, enabling several users to log in and manage a single account. It offers role-based access control, allowing users to grant various team members various access levels. Moreover, the tool offers in-depth analytics and statistics that aid business & website owners in understanding website performance, uptime, and security.

HexoMeter checks websites for viruses, malware, and other security risks. It finds weaknesses and makes suggestions to improve website security. Users can monitor particular pages or transactions, search for information, or track response times for particular API calls.

The Primary Features of HexoMeter

Let's delve deeper into some of Hexometer's standout features:

Continuous Monitoring

HexoMeter periodically pings websites to check on their availability. It recognizes any website outages caused by the server, network, or other problems. If a website goes down or becomes unavailable, it promptly notifies administrators and users. Users can adjust their notification settings to receive notifications by email, SMS, Slack, or other communication channels.

Performance Evaluation

HexoMeter tracks website loading times across various platforms and regions. It pinpoints performance bottlenecks, including long file transfers, heavy HTTP queries, and delayed server response times. It offers suggestions for enhancing user experience and website speed. Customers get access to comprehensive reports that display data on metrics like requests, page size, and website loading time.

Security Observation

"On average websites are attacked every 39 seconds, and attackers steal 75 records per second. About 66% of the businesses hacked are neither prepared to deal with cyber-attacks nor with the financial or reputation damage of a security breach. Attackers plant malware in sites and such sites get blacklisted or quarantined by companies like Google every day leading to loss of organic traffic and future revenue." - Indusface: How Do Websites Get Hacked?

HexoMeter checks websites for malware, viruses, and other security risks. It finds weaknesses and makes suggestions to improve website security. Moreover, it verifies that SSL/TLS certificates are current and valid. It offers thorough reports highlighting security flaws, threats, and suggestions for improvement.

Features Of HexoMeter

Individual Monitoring Rules

Users of HexoMeter can create unique monitoring rules based on predetermined standards. Users can monitor particular sites or transactions, search for content, or track the response times for particular API calls. Users can design rules depending on criteria such as HTTP status codes, content types, response times, and response sizes. When a custom rule is triggered, users can create notification settings to get notifications.

Supports Several Protocols

HexoMeter supports many protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and DNS. It may imitate user interactions to test the functioning of websites while monitoring them from various geographical places. Users of the AI tool may keep an eye on APIs, online applications, and mobile applications.

Supports Several Users

Multi-user access is a feature of HexoMeter that enables many users to log in and administer a single account. It offers role-based access control, allowing users to grant various team members access levels. Users can grant read-only access to view reports or full access to set up monitoring settings.

Reporting And Historical Information

Users can comprehend website performance, uptime, and security with the help of the detailed statistics and analytics provided by HexoMeter. Users can follow historical data, trends, and comparisons to monitor the evolution of a website's performance. Users can export reports in various formats, including PDF, CSV, and Excel. Users can arrange reports to be delivered automatically at predetermined periods.

Integration Of Tools From Other Parties

Slack, PagerDuty, and Zapier, among other third-party applications, are integrated with HexoMeter. To deliver notifications to these tools, users can adjust their notification settings. For instance, users can utilize Zapier to build automated workflows or send notifications to a Slack channel.

Further software integrations:

  • Telegram

  • Google Chrome

  • WordPress

  • Gmail

  • Trello

  • Google Sheets

  • Pabbly Connect

  • Webhook

  • Discord

Integration of Tools


HexoMeter provides cost-effective price options based on the number of websites and frequency of monitoring. Customers have the choice of monthly or yearly billing. Before subscribing to a subscription plan, the tool also offers a free trial period for users to test its features.

With pricing starting from $12 per month USD HexoMeter enables businesses of all sizes to get started with performance, uptime and user experience monitoring.

The Advantages of Using HexoMeter

Some of the main advantages of utilizing HexoMeter for website monitoring are listed below:

A Better Website Experience

Businesses can use HexoMeter to track website performance across many platforms and devices. It assists in locating performance bottlenecks and offers suggestions for enhancing website speed and user experience. Businesses may increase website traffic, lower bounce rates, and boost their search engine results by optimizing website performance.

More Reliable Website Uptime

HexoMeter regularly checks the uptime of websites and notifies users as soon as one goes down or becomes inaccessible. It makes it easier for companies to identify and swiftly fix website outage problems, minimizing the effect on daily operations. Businesses may preserve consumer satisfaction, avoid revenue loss, and safeguard their brand reputation by assuring website uptime.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Businesses may ensure that their customers have a great experience on their website by monitoring website uptime and performance. This improves client retention, loyalty, and satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more inclined to recommend a company to others and leave favorable evaluations, which boosts sales and promotes expansion.

Client Review

Improvements To Business Continuity

HexoMeter gives companies the tools they need to swiftly identify and fix website problems, minimizing the effects of downtime on daily operations. It aids in continuing operations and lowers the possibility of income loss or other adverse effects.

Guidelines For Customized Monitoring

Businesses can create unique monitoring rules using HexoMeter based on predetermined standards. It makes it easier for organizations to monitor certain pages or transactions, scan for certain information, or track the time for specific API calls to respond. Businesses can minimize the effect of website faults on their operations by creating customized monitoring rules that enable timely identification and resolution of issues.

Friendly User Interface

Business users can easily access and use the capabilities of HexoMeter because of its user-friendly design. Businesses can gain valuable insights into website performance, uptime, and security through its in-depth reports and analytics. The AI tool enables organizations to comprehend website problems and pinpoint areas for development, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of their websites.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses can gain a competitive edge by monitoring their websites' uptime, performance, and security. They can pinpoint problem areas and make the necessary adjustments to improve website usability and user experience. Businesses will attract and retain customers, generate more revenue, and beat their rivals by offering robust website experiences.

How Can You Begin Working With HexoMeter?

HexoMeter is simple to use and easy to get started with. The steps are as follows:

Create a profile: Go to the and register. You can select from various price options depending on your needs and budget.

Websites to add: After creating an account, you can add websites you want to monitor. Websites can be manually added or imported from a CSV file.

Set up the monitoring parameters: Set up the monitoring settings according to your needs. Rules for monitoring, notification frequency, and settings are all programmable.

Observe websites: HexoMeter will begin monitoring your websites once you have configured monitoring. It will instantly inform you of any problems.

Reviewing reports: To understand website performance, uptime, and security, use HexoMeter's reports and analytics. Based on the knowledge the reports have provided, take action.


HexoMeter is a top-notch AI website monitoring tool that can assist web admins, developers, and business owners enhance their websites' speed, availability, and security. It is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes because of its sophisticated monitoring techniques, personalized monitoring rules, and thorough reporting.

By providing superior website experiences and safeguarding their clientele and clients, website owners can get a competitive edge with the AI tool doing all of the heavy liftings. It is a simple tool to use, and it is a reasonably priced option for website monitoring. Click the following link to try HexoMeter today.


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