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HexoMatic: The Ultimate Tool for Web Scraping and Workflow Automation

Updated: Apr 7

In today's data-driven world, web scraping has become a vital technique for extracting valuable information from websites and transforming it into structured data. However, without the right tools at your disposal, web scraping can quickly turn into a tedious and complex process.

Enter HexoMatic - your ultimate solution for web scraping and workflow automation. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to seamlessly convert any webpage into a spreadsheet format, simplifying data collection and streamlining your overall experience.

Discover how HexoMatic can revolutionize your approach to web scraping and take your data acquisition to new heights.

Table of Contents

  1. Who Needs Web Scraping

  2. HexoMatic: What is it?

  3. How Does HexoMatic Function?

  4. What Advantages Does HexoMatic Offer?

  5. How Do You Make a HexoMatic Scraping Configuration?

  6. With HexoMatic, How Does Automation Function?

  7. HexoMatic Pricing & Plans

  8. Conclusion

HexoMatic Application, Data Extraction

Who Needs Web Scraping?

Individuals, companies, and organizations needing to extract data from websites for various objectives can use web scraping.

Researchers: Web scraping allows researchers in a variety of sectors, including social science, business, and health, to collect and analyze enormous amounts of data from websites. For instance, web scraping can help harvest data from online store websites by a researcher looking at consumer behavior.

Marketers: Web scraping is something marketers can use to collect client information for specialized marketing efforts, such as email addresses or social network accounts. Companies can also use web scraping to monitor their competitors' websites' prices and product details.

E-commerce companies: E-commerce companies can use web scraping to get pricing and product details from their competitors' websites, allowing them to change their rates and stay competitive. Companies can also obtain consumer reviews from other websites using web scraping, which they can use to enhance their product offerings.

HexoMatic: What is it?

HexoMatic is a no-code job automation tool that helps users scale time-consuming operations using pre-made automation and scraping techniques to collect website data. The platform can quickly enrich data, discover targeted leads, and scrape any website. It operates round-the-clock, hosted in a cloud environment, automatically allowing users to handle tasks of any size. There is a monthly renewing quota for each plan.

HexoMatic offers task management, third-party integration, and workflow setup. Users can schedule or run their scraping configurations on demand to acquire up-to-date information that automatically syncs to Google Sheets or can be included in any automation process. It does not, however, offer an API.

work automation & web scrapping

How Does HexoMatic Function?

HexoMatic provides online scraping services that aid companies in obtaining data from websites. Data extraction from numerous websites is automated using a software program in this procedure.

The first step in the web scraping process is determining the necessary information from a specific website. It includes deciding how the data should be collected from the website and selecting the necessary fields. After locating the data, this tool uses cutting-edge tools and algorithms to automate the extraction procedure.

HexoMatic simulates how people would interact with web pages. It moves across the website, engages with its components, and extracts the necessary information in a structured format. This software also handles difficult web scraping jobs, such as maintaining enormous amounts of data and processing dynamic material.

This tool uses a fully automated and scalable web scraping method that is perfect for businesses that need a lot of data. Businesses may swiftly extract data from numerous websites using it, enabling them to examine the data and make wise judgments quickly.

Businesses can access various data collection tools through it, including social networking platforms, online marketplaces, and e-commerce websites. This information can help with several things, such as market research, competition analysis, and product development.

Online scraping services

What Advantages Does HexoMatic Offer?

For companies needing to extract and analyze data, HexoMatic has much to offer.

Time-Saving: This web scraping program automates the process and saves businesses a ton of time. Businesses may collect data fast and effectively by automating the data extraction process.

Correct Data: It reliably and accurately extracts data. It indicates that the information gathered by this tool is reliable and suitable for making defensible decisions.

Scalable: HexoMatic is a scalable method that can extract data from several websites simultaneously. It makes it perfect for companies that need a lot of data.

Customizable: It provides scalable web scraping services customizable to a company's unique requirements. It implies that companies can specify the data fields they need and how they want their organization.

Cost-Effective: It is a reasonable option for companies that need data extraction services. This tool avoids the expense of manual work by automating the data extraction procedure.

Data Evaluation: It offers enterprises tools for data analysis and extraction. It implies that firms may learn more about consumer and market trends, which can help them make better business decisions.

Compliance: The tool complies with legal and ethical norms using moral web scraping techniques. Therefore, businesses can be confident that their data extraction procedures are morally and legally correct.

How Do You Make A HexoMatic Scraping Configuration?

It's easy to create a scraping configuration using this software by following a few basic steps.

Login And Register With HexoMatic

Signing up with this tool and logging in are the first steps. To get started, you can either register a free account or select one of the paid plans with more sophisticated features.

A Configuration Template Of Your Choice

After logging in, select the configuration template that best meets your requirements. HexoMatic provides a variety of pre-built templates for various websites, including news websites, e-commerce websites, and social media platforms.

Make Your Configuration Unique

You can edit your configuration after choosing a template by adding or removing fields, altering the data format, and changing the extraction parameters. As you write your configuration in this tool, you may preview your data to see the final result.

Check The Configuration

After altering your configuration, you may test it by performing a sample extraction on a small sample of data. It will assist you in finding any mistakes or problems that need rectification before performing the complete extraction.

Execute Your Configuration

After testing your configuration, you can apply it to all of the website's pages or just a subset. The data will be automatically extracted and saved in your account by HexoMatic. The data is available for download in several forms, including CSV, Excel, and JSON.

Plan Your Configuration

You can schedule your configuration to run automatically at set times if you frequently need to extract data. Many scheduling options, including daily, weekly, and monthly, are available with this tool. You can extract data from any website and store it in a format that meets your needs by following these steps.

Hexomatic automation & Configuration

With HexoMatic, How Does Automation Function?

Users of this tool may schedule and carry out web scraping jobs automatically, thanks to the software's robust automation capability. This feature can reduce time spent on administrative tasks and boost productivity by removing the need to start the scraping process manually. Here is a detailed explanation of how HexoMatic automation functions:

New automation creation: Users must select the "Create Automation" button from the "Automations" tab of the HexoMatic dashboard to start new automation. Then select the scraping recipe you want to utilize for the automation.

Details of automated setup: Users can configure the specifics of the automation, such as the frequency and time of scraping, after choosing a recipe. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling options are available with HexoMatic. Additionally, users can set up email alerts to be sent when the automation runs and select the time zone for the automation.

Automating the process: After configuring automation, HexoMatic will start the scraping procedure automatically following the selected timetable. Under the "Automation Runs" section of the dashboard, users may keep track of how the automation is coming along.

Seeing automation outcomes: Users can check the scraping results in the "Automation Results" area after the automation. The number of rows, columns, and records in the scraped data are all specified by HexoMatic.

Taking care of automation: This tool’s customers can quickly manage their automation through the dashboard. They can view the history of earlier automation runs and update or remove already-existing automation.

HexoMatic's automation capability has several advantages, including:

Enhanced effectiveness: Automating the web scraping process can save time and boost productivity by removing the need for manual intervention.

Consistency: Scraping chores are constantly and accurately carried out without the chance of human error, thanks to automation.

Timeliness: By automating web scraping operations, it is possible to ensure that it gathers data promptly, enabling speedy analysis and decision-making.

Scalability: Users may quickly scale up their data scraping efforts with HexoMatic's automation functionality because they can build different automation to collect data from various sources.

HexoMatic's automation feature provides a robust method for automating web scraping operations. Users may construct and manage automation to harvest data from numerous sources by streamlining the setup process and providing a variety of scheduling choices.

Automation Function

HexoMatic Pricing & Plans

Silver - $49 per month USD

Gold - $99 per month USD

Enterprise - Contact For Details


All the benefits of Silver, plus

All the benefits of Gold, plus

4500 Automation Credits per month

Adjustable Automation Credits based on business need

Personalized Onboarding

10 Simultaneous running workflows

Unlimited Simultaneous Running Workflows

Team Training

unlimited scraping recipes / configurations


Campaign Setup and Management

Datacentre IP Rotation

Dedicated Strategy Consultant

Access Premium Automations (Requires Premium Credits)

Access Residential Proxies (Requires Premium Credits)


HexoMatic is a potent web scraping and workflow automation application that enables anyone to quickly and easily collect data from any website and transform it into structured data that you can utilize in spreadsheets or JSON APIs. It is an attractive option for companies and individuals wishing to automate their data collecting and workflow management chores because of its straightforward point-and-click interface.

HexoMatic's no-code methodology makes developing web scraping configurations and automation simple without coding or complex setups. HexoMatic is a flexible tool that one can use for various activities, including prospecting, directory scraping, product scraping, and more, thanks to its scalability and versatility. It is undoubtedly worth looking into if you're searching for a simple-to-use web scraping and workflow automation application that will help you save time and effort. Click the following link to get started today.

web scraping & workflow automation

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