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5 Principles You Must Know About Ethical Journalism

By Kshitij Kumar Ojha


There are several sets of accepted rules, articulations and charters made by media and journalists sketching out the standards, qualities and principles of the art of reporting.

There are five main common themes Journalists must focus on-

1. Truth and Accuracy:

Journalists and reporters cannot always ensure 'truth', however getting the facts right is the cardinal rule of news-providing.We ought to consistently make progress toward precision, give all the applicable facts we have and make sure that they have been checked not once but several times. At the point when we can't verify data we must make it clear.

2. Independence:

Journalists and their journalism must be independent, i.e., they must not act on behalf of those in powerful positions particularly the government and large business corporations. They ought to proclaim to their editors – or the audience about their potential political affiliations, conflict of interests or for that matter any undisclosed financial arrangements.

3. Fairness and Impartiality:

Almost every news story has at least two different sides. While there is no commitment to introduce each side in each piece, stories ought to be balanced so as to provide context. Objectivity isn't generally conceivable, and may not generally be alluring (in the face for instance of cruelty  or inhumanity), but an impartial report builds trust and confidence amongst the readers.

4. Accountability :

A definite indication of professionalism, dependable and responsible journalism practices is simply the ability  to hold oneself accountable for every story that one does. When Journalists commit errors, they must correct them. and journalists' demeanor of regret must be sincere and not pessimistic.

5. Humanity: 

Journalists must make sure that they ought not do any harm to anyone through their coverage of an event. There are times when what the journalists publish or broadcast is hurtful , yet they ought to know about the impact of their words and pictures on the lives of readers and the viewers.


In India off late a lot of journalists have been found violating these ethics of journalism creating a lot of controversies and at the same time their credibility is being questioned at every stage. India’s low position on the World Press Freedom Index is an indicator of the low standards of journalism that is being followed in India. It’s only hoped that journalists in India realize this sooner rather than later.

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